Walk Out Information

Walk Out Information

FAQ for parents regarding possible walk out plan

We passionately believe in our mission to provide equal educational opportunities to the students we serve. All district decisions are aimed at supporting our mission.


Why Did Crane Decide to Keep Schools Open During the Teacher Walkout? 

During this historic time in Arizona, much of Crane staff chose to work which allowed the district to keep 91% of our classrooms open. Crane administration was unsure of the stances of its entire teaching staff. Polling in our district revealed that some staff members wanted to participate in the statewide walkout, while others wanted to stay at school and continue to provide educational services to our students.


What is Crane's Position on Public Education Funding?

Crane is in full support of additional funding for public education. Crane like all public-school districts in Arizona is in desperate need of additional funding for education.  In support of seeking additional funding, Crane is one of four Arizona school districts who have filed a lawsuit due to inadequate capital funding. We are united with fellow educators across the state of Arizona in wanting dedicated full funding for public education.


Will Staff have Repercussions for Participating in the Walkout?

Crane stands with staff and supports each person's right to choose how best to advocate their support of public education funding. There will be no repercussions for staff who appropriately use leave time to participate (or don't participate) in the walkout. Crane staff has the option of taking paid personal business days, and if they have exhausted their leave time or want to keep it in reserve, they could participate in the walkout without pay.


How Did Crane Decide Which Schools Would Remain Open?

After a careful evaluation of principal school staffing plans and accounting for additional personnel resources, administrators made the difficult decision to keep ten of our eleven schools open. Unfortunately, insufficient site and district staffing resulted in the closing of Ronald Reagan Elementary School for Thursday and Friday.


We remain committed to our decision to keep as many schools open as possible during the work stoppage.


There are a number of questions about what a potential walkout and school shutdown may look like and how it would impact our schools.  Please see below for frequently asked questions and answers.

How will I find out my child’s school is closed?
Certain Crane Schools will be closed if we determine there is not adequate staff to maintain campus security and student safety.  School closures will be determined school by school. This will impact preschool through middle school.  Please rely on the official district communication avenues for information on a school closing.  Crane will use our mass notification system, our website (craneschools.org/schoolclosures.aspx), school websites, phone calls with district officials, and verified district and school social media accounts to communicate information regarding a closure.  For a missed phone call, please check the voicemail message before calling the school, as staff may not be available.
How will you determine if schools need to be closed?
Certain Crane Schools will be closed if we determine there is not adequate staff to maintain campus security and student safety.  School closures will be determined school by school. This will impact preschool through middle school.
How much notice will I have if there is a closure?

Crane's highest priority is timely communication. As we learn information we will share what we learn and any decisions we must make regarding closing schools.  We intend on notifying staff and parents by 4:30 PM, daily.
Will meal services by provided for my student?        
It could depend on which school(s) are impacted.
Will childcare be available?

If schools close for a day, all before and after school childcare will be also canceled.

If a school is closed, would the school year be extended?      

Yes. According to state laws and current policies, any day that a school is closed would have to be made up.  In the event that the school day needs to be made up, we will be providing those specific details to parents.

Would school closures affect 8th grade celebration events?

Yes, celebration activities would occur as scheduled, unless the school day was cancelled.

If a school is closed, would school trips take place as scheduled?

No. If schools are closed, school trips would be canceled.
If a school is closed, would athletic practices or games continue?

No. If schools are closed, all extra-curricular activities will also be canceled.

If a school doesn’t close but has limited staff, will bus transportation to and from school still be provided?

If schools are open, transportation will continue to be provided.

School is open with limited staff and I send my child, what can I expect will happen that day?

The top priority will be the safety and security of the campus. There may be limited academic instruction and support services.  Lunch and breakfast services may be adjusted.

If a school is closed for more than one day, how often will I receive communication?

Parents can expect daily communication during a school closure.

My child’s school is closed, do I have to call him/her out sick?

If school is closed, you are not required to call to report an absence.

My child’s school is open, but there is limited staff so I want to keep the child home.

We will only open schools if we have adequate staff to address the safety of students.  It will count as a school day. As indicated above, however, instruction may be impacted as well as other services.  

What support will the district offer to our families?

If a walk out occurs, and the school does not have adequate staff to ensure the safety and well-being of our students, our best method is to close school. We notified families of the possibility of a walk out and we have asked parents to make a plan for alternate arrangements for their children if a walk out occurs. The district will not have staff to provide any services at the school site.  The district could not verify outside resources, so would not be able to make any recommendations for child care options, feeding options, or any services not directly provided by the district.
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